One thought on “[Community of Practice] Closing Comments: Self-Care Competencies

  1. So good to hear that student self-care is starting to be recognized as a key part of healthcare curriculum! I will be starting NP clinicals in May and need some ideas for self-care. I will share a self-care idea that has been helpful for me: I try to get out most days of the week (after work or on the weekend) for a walk with my dog. This feeds by body & soul in a couple of ways: my dog is therapeutic to me – he is a stress reliever AND I make progress toward my 10K steps for the day. I use this time to turn off my “work-self” and turn on my “FNP student self”. It provides some delineation between my roles and provides me renewed focus for the evening of study that I typically have ahead of me most nights.
    Would love to hear what others are doing for self-care during the education journey,
    FNP Student (’18)

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