2 thoughts on “[Community of Practice] Closing Comments: Reducing Burnout

  1. I resonate with the comments made in the video. I have been in administrative/leadership/consulting roles for the past 15 years, and am now employed at HP on the Plan side. I plan to enter practice as an NP in 2018. My dream would be to meld both of these roles, as I believe the roles to be extremely synergistic (i.e. when I’m at my job at the Health Plan, I can offer perspective on the world of Care Delivery and vice versa). I believe that retention (via decreased burn out) of excellent clinicians to provide direct care to our patients/members will only be augmented by the support and opportunity to meld leadership (and/or academic roles) & practice roles. Looking forward to the comments from others.
    Sarah Tupper, FNP Student (’18)


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