MinnesotaFutura Conference: Takeaways

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MinnesotaFutura is a community of educators from HealthPartnersHennepin County Medical Center and Mayo Clinic working together to develop a new architecture for the medical education of the future. On August 17, the community came together at Regions Hospital for the Digital Health Professions Education 2.0 Consume, Create and Curate Conference. The key objective was to have attendees reflect on their current personal learning network and be intentional and directional in their future personal learning network after the conference.

Speakers, conveners, and contributors included educators and clinicians with experience in navigating digital resources. The conference consisted of three-panel discussions that focused on how to consume, curate and create open medical education.

Image credit: Theresa Malin  @tmalinMLS

Panel 1: Consume – Best Practices For the Use of Social Digital Education

The Consume panel discussed responsibilities of digital learners and ideas for building and managing a personal learning network on social media. The discussion also focused on some practical techniques to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information that is available.

Panel 2: Curate – How to Manage and Distribute Knowledge

The Curate panel discussed ideas about organizing and filtering the information that is available to digital learners. Discussions also involved some techniques and best practices for critically assessing the quality of digital content in the absence of a traditional built-in review process.

Panel 3: Create – Why and How to Create Open Medical Knowledge

Panelists discussed the personal and shared experience of being creators of digital information. They discussed tips on managing resources, time commitments, and inspiration for starting their own resources that contribute to the larger community of FOAM.

Image credit: Theresa Malin  @tmalinMLS

Keynote: KnowMad Society

Keynote speaker and founder of Knowmad Society, Jon Moravec contributed to the discussion by providing a perspective from outside medical education.

Information about each panelist and future event updates are available at the MinnesotaFutura website.

Live stream of the event is available to watch here:


If you attended the event, provide your feedback and help us decide the future of MinnesotaFutura


Key ideas that helped facilitate the discussions:


FOAMed Resources: How to Consume, Curate and Create

Resources for learners and educators to engage in digital health professional education can include tools and strategies that maximize the power of FOAMed – Free Open Access Medical Education. Mike Paddock, MD shares some online resources that are easy to navigate in this video.

How do you consume, curate and create FOAMed? Share in the comments.

Future of Medical Education: What is FOAMed?

The Office of Health Professional Education is working together with a community of clinical educators in Minnesota, who will join forces and develop a new architecture for the medical education of the future. The first Digital Health Professions Education 2.0 Consume, Create and Curate conference will be held on Aug. 17, at the Regions Hospital Auditorium.

So what does medical education of the future look like? Where does one get started? What is digital health professions education?

We would like to contribute to the discussion by starting a conversation about FOAMed. Mike Paddock, a panelist at the upcoming conference introduces FOAMed in the video below:


[People] Welcome, 2017-2019 Medical Toxicology Fellows!

The Office of Health Professional Education is excited to welcome the 2017-2019 fellows who will join our Medical Toxicology fellowship program based at Regions Hospital. The program is a collaborative effort between HealthPartners Institute and Regions Hospital, Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC), and the Hennepin Regional Poison Center (HRPC). The program has been accredited by the ACGME since 2005 and received a 5-year accreditation in 2008.


[Community of practice] Cheryl Magnuson-Giese on practice-ready

Panelist Cheryl Magnuson Giese, MSW/MPH., SPHR, discusses what Practice Ready means at the 2016 Community of Practice event.

What will practice ready mean in 2020?


 Building Trust: More Oxytocin, Less Epinephrine

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By Felix Ankel, MD @felixankel and Leah Hanson, PHD @lrbhanson

“Trust is like the air we breathe. When it’s present, nobody really notices. But when it’s absent, everybody notices.” Warren Buffett

You are a new #MedEd dean charged with modernizing and integrating a postgraduate education program into a recently merged health care delivery system.  The new organizational structure is built on past structures that emphasize authority/accountability and resources/responsibilities gaps.  How do you navigate this environment? How do you build the necessary trust networks to accelerate change?

Most health care and educational systems have organizational charts that describe formal structures and lines of authority.  However, much of the work done in any system is influenced by informal “advice”, trust, and communication networks that operate independent of the “org chart”.  An essential skill of a #MedEd leader is to build an effective trust network.

Theories behind trust…

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